e – Medical Marketing Company services include medical SEO and optimization of digital advertising campaigns. For 15 years we worked with medical groups, hospitals, medical device companies, digital health startups, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology companies. We also work with providers serving the medical community: real estate brokers, insurance companies, IPAs, startups, IT services, and more. In addition, we consult stealth startups in the digital health space on customer acquisition, physician influencer marketing, eCommerce, and digital strategy. For select clients, we offer the opportunity to tap into our Healthcare Pioneers Network of 360,000 members looking to learn about innovations in healthcare.

At e-Medical Marketing, you get ROI and real results like these:

Google this: “Balloon Sinuplasty NY” – all those doctors you see on the first page are a direct result of our market development activity. In just 3 months, 320 surgeries were scheduled with more than $5,000,000 in surgeon fees and in-office-procedure fees. Moreover, we consulted C-Suite at 11 major hospital systems on digital strategy resulting in 400 pre-screened and pre-qualified new patients.

Led Digital Analytics, Content Strategy, SEO / SEM site revamp, and metadata update. Developed strategic relationships with key NYC hospitals. Analyzed & updated SEO for 33% increase in unique visits. Aligned SEM & SEO strategies accounting for 30% cost-saving in current PPC campaigns.


Built a professional innovation network from scratch that now boasts 360,000 members.


Developed link building and directory listings for 500 medical groups managed by Healthcare Marketing Center. We also managed reputations for 32 medical groups with 75 physicians.


For these clients, we organized entire conferences in New York and Boston to attract their ideal clients resulting in more than 2,000 attendees: