eMM is the Top Healthcare Consulting Firm in the U.S. focused on Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

eMM, founded in 2002 by Simon Sikorski MD, has been advising companies on healthcare mergers and acquisitions, business growth, investments, competitive market research, practice builder strategies, product development, strategic company direction, and business data analytics. We have advised more than 3500 clients including 17 major hospitals and 500 medical groups, 31 medical device companies, and 53 digital health (and Health IT) startups across 64 therapeutic areas.

Healthcare Consulting Firm for Real-Time Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions need fast and accurate data in real-time. You’d be surprised how many times we get asked for same-day reports due to unforeseen events. eMM invested over $250,000 in developing software that’s able to pull up real-time and historical data on specific businesses in specific markets, be they local or at national level. We’re able to pull up branding reports, visibility, competitive research data, brand reputation, doctor reputation, marketability, and market opportunity. This software provides data to our analysts and consultants with 15 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry. All data is further screened by our CEO, Simon Sikorski MD, who has been involved in the business of healthcare since eMM’s inception. Our reports are more than just data, they are real-time strategies.

Examples of our Healthcare Consulting Firm’s M&A Projects

Independent Physician Associations and Medical Collaboratives – When mergers are not possible, forming a powerful collaborative community is the next best thing. IPA’s are best reserved for members who want to stay actively involved, be competitive as a group, and who want to gain leverage in local and national politics. There’s nothing more powerful to leverage than doctors with stellar reputations and highly-visible practices to help negotiate contracts with insurance companies and policy-makers. Signatures are not enough. “The threat of taking our business elsewhere” is a more practical approach.

Hospital Acquisitions & Practice Mergers – eMM analyzes the doctors’ reputations, their recognition for expertise, and practice’s SWOT analysis. Physician reputations and visibility can sometimes be the very things that stand in the way for a practice to grow. We provide actionable insights what to do and how to do it to ensure a practice will continue to grow and attract patients.

Home Care Agencies Mergers & Acquisitions – Marketability is critical. Visibility is the one thing that could be a major driving force for business growth. This is when you need to: have critical insights on local and regional competition, know the brands that are a threat, have strategic direction how to out-compete the competition

Staffing Agencies M&A – Besides the obvious SWOT analysis points, this is one of the top cases for collaborative power of marketing dollars. Staffing agencies are all about reaching the right clients who are actively searching for them. Social media, brand recognition, active accounts, client reviews, and customer service are critical. But what makes all the difference is the cost per click for advertising on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and the most popular job boards. We had cases where searches for physician jobs and nursing jobs were costing staffing agencies $45-55 but with a 7-day overhaul of their main website, the clicks dropped down to a whopping 5 bucks.

We are a proven Healthcare Consulting Firm to Attract Top Dollar Acquisitions & Mergers

When actionable insights are not enough for your M&A projects, we take projects into our own hands. In 2009 and 2010 was our first major market development project leading to the biggest medical device acquisition in U.S. history. For the past 7 years, we had more than 80 similar projects where we took over strategic marketing for an acquisition target, drove exponential business to close in 8-12 weeks, improved branding and visibility …  all to structure a higher acquisition price.

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