Online reputation management for doctors & brands | eMM

Step 1 for online reputation management for doctors & brands: Google Your Name. Google Your Business. Check now.

Step 2 = Don’t take it personally. It’s not the end of the world. Everything can be fixed.

Step 3 = Be Proactive. Get a plan of action. Follow the plan.

Step 4 = Identify which doctor review sites or directories you should target first and why.

Step 5 = Get all your employees on board. This is everyone’s job, not just yours.

Online reputation management for doctors and medical businesses requires a step-by-step process where patient reviews are at the core

Focus on the patient experience first. Use eMM’s patient scheduling software to integrate with your EMR so it’s easy to schedule an appointment. Follow up with patients via text messages. Automate follow ups for appointments to reduce no-shows. Integrate doctor review sites into the process. Make the process of online reputation management for doctors fully digital. By doing so, you won’t have to ask for great reviews. They’ll be part of the patient visit protocol.

Filter out negative patient or customer experience. Some things you can’t control. You can’t make everyone happy. But at the very least you should be able to have a chance to find out what went wrong and address it before any patient writes a review. With eMM’s software integration, you’ll have that capability.

Plan an online reputation management email campaign. Upload your email distribution list. We’ll automate the entire process of forwarding great reviews to at least 3 review sites. In some circumstances we can distribute the reviews to up to 8 different doctor ratings sites. For your business, there are at least 15 directories where reviews can be posted.

Integrate our software with your website and make every new patient be part of the reputation management protocol from the very start.

Online reputation management for doctors is not rocket science, just get it done.

Usually, a physician’s online reputation management campaign can be set up and launched within 3-5 days. Depending on your email database, you’ll be in control of your reputation within a week. At that point we can start working on software integration and full patient review protocol for your practice. Put your practice manager in charge of weekly reviews of filtered negative reviews and be sure the manager follows up with each and every one of those patients to find out what happened. It’s actually quite impressive when this kind of follow up can happen within a day or two of a visit.