Healthcare Marketing Success Measured in ROI

Healthcare Marketing That Increases a Doctor’s Reputation, # of Patients, Grows Revenues and Builds Brand Recognition – That’s Healthcare Marketing Success. Our healthcare marketing clients include 500+ medical groups, 17 hospitals, 34 startups and big corporations like:

You can rely on e-Medical Marketing to build your Healthcare Advertising Success Story

Healthcare marketing success starts with a deep understanding of what your definition of ROI really is. Some of our biggest success stories are defined as:

  • Development of a company’s startup portfolio to an acquisition stage leading up to the biggest Medical Device Acquisition in U.S. history
  • Increasing website traffic by 30% to a publisher’s online magazine resulting in $1.5 million more in advertising revenue, nearly 50% increase
  • Growing number of corporate events at New York, NY headquarters by a staggering 20% in a span of 12 months, and building brand recognition for corporate events in a specific industry increasing Requests for Proposals by 310% in a span of 5 months
  • Expanding portfolio of high-net-worth clients to a point where additional staff is needed to manage accounts
  • Creating a powerful lead generation network of small businesses that need big banking expertise with private client attention
  • Accelerating a Geo-Targeted market development campaign leading to a 500% increase in new patient volumes
  • Selling out 3 conferences in a row, in a brand-new conference facility, in a hard-to-reach location
  • Escalating the recruitment of physicians for highly-critical jobs throughout our amazing country

Healthcare Marketing Success is built on Healthcare Industry experience

Healthcare Marketing Success is built on delivering ROI specific to OUR industry. Healthcare marketing is not the same as e-news,, or paris-hiltons-getaway-weekend. This is Healthcare. Different rules apply. When you get sick and tired of SEO companies and expensive website design companies, you call e-Medical Marketing at  (347) 996-4373

  • Designing a website is one thing. Developing a website to capture leads for specific healthcare services is another.
  • Spending $2million on an Adwords Pay-Per-Click campaign may be an effective strategy for a $2-billion company, but not for a 150-bed hospital. Ensuring your PPC strategy is optimized for specific ROI, like driving patients to a specific Center of Excellence, is more important.
  • Appealing fluffy ads and billboards are “nice”. Converting ads to business is what you should be paying for.
  • Viral videos with dancing employees dressed for Halloween and rapping famous lyrics is best kept for the entertainment industry. Patients like to connect with doctors and nurses on a personal level. Getting recognized for medical expertise and patient experience is more important than a doctor’s ability to rap.
  • Will “best place to work for” award get your freshly-after-fellowship doctors the ability to attract more patients? Not likely. You might get a few thousand “likes” though. Will “likes” help you get more patients for specific treatments or procedures? Recently published media showing off your staff’s skills and experience might do a better job.

When you want to increase ROI from Healthcare Marketing you turn to e-Medical Marketing to create your Success story

Healthcare Marketing Success stories are all about being first-to-market, differentiation, doctors’ reputations, cost-effectiveness, and overall ROI.

Starter Healthcare Marketing Success Packages are only $1500/month. Typical ROI starts within 5-9 days.

How much is the lifetime financial value of just one patient for your practice? Compare that to an investment of just $1500.

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