How To Make WordPress Faster

With all the latest Google, Bing and Yahoo algorithm updates, WordPress website page loading time is extremely important.

Previously, you could getaway with loading times above 3 seconds. Now, not only does poor website loading time affect your customer experience, you also get penalized.

It's all linked together.

First, lets check your website speed:

Is the WordPress website loading time above 3 seconds?

If yes. Keep Reading.

Here are the biggest reasons why you should make your WordPress site faster

  1. User Experience. Your wordpress website speed affects user experience. Negative user experience is recorded in Google Analytics as either a HIGH bounce rate (anything above 55% is terrible), a LOW click through rate (CTR) or a combination of both. If you have conversion funnels enabled, poor conversions are also recorded. All this information is recorded and tracked by the search engines.
  2. Search Engine Crawl. Search engines crawl your website at random times. Your website load time is recorded every time this happens. Poor crawl rate is directly correlated to slow WordPress website loading times. Now you have two critical points recorded.
  3. Search Engine Mobile-First Indexing and Rankings. After crawling, your WordPress website is now ranked according to the mobile-first index. The latest algorithm changed the game. If your website has a slow loading time in mobile devices, you get penalized. I've already seen 11 cases where multi-million dollar businesses fail because of this penalty. Your entire SEO rankings could seriously be declining. Check your Analytics to see if there are any big dips in traffic volume.
  4. Google Adwords Pay Per Click. Your site is now penalized. Lower SEO rankings, poor website loading speed, higher bounce rates, lower CTR, all affect your Ad Quality in Google Adwords paid search marketing. You should be concerned if the Ad quality dips below 5/10. You should be really concerned if it dips below 3/10.
  5. New Website Design. Now is when companies panic. The CEO gives the directive for a brand new site.... take a deep breath. It's not the end of the world. Just focus on how to make the wordpress website faster. Don't change anything else just yet.

Part 2 (coming next week) - Strategies to Make your WordPress website faster.


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