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Healthcare Pioneers Network is an email newsletter and social media network for 360,000 members interested in healthcare information technology, medical technologies, digital health, biotechnology, and investor relations in life sciences. Healthcare Pioneers Network also produces 40 networking events and conferences per year and advertises 150+ events throughout the United States.

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Healthcare Pioneers is part of e-Medical Marketing, a Digital Herder company.

Digital Herder Advertising Agency provides SEO and internet marketing services for the life science industry, while e-Medical Marketing Company provides Medical SEO and medical advertising services for doctors, hospitals, and patient-focused promotions. Healthcare Pioneers Network is a critical component of the advertising services allowing us to reach out to 360,000 members already subscribed to announcements about upcoming technologies, news, stories, and trends. Altogether, we are a fully-encompassing digital advertising solution for healthcare and life science companies.

Healthcare Pioneers Network

Healthcare Pioneers discounts to popular Healthcare IT Conferences like HIMSS 2018

As part of Healthcare Pioneers network of events around the country, we cross-offer promotions and conference discounts. This year, Healthcare Pioneers will not be offering discount codes to HIMSS 2018 Conference in Las Vegas on March 5-9. For discounted rates to HIMSS 2018 Conference, please become a member of any HIMSS chapters throughout the United States.