Our Digital Pharmaceutical Marketing Agency Services:

Market Share & Competitive Research Analysis

Before you launch your digital marketing, find out who is already talking about treatments in specific disease areas. Find out where you should be publishing to stand out and maximize brand recognition in the online community.

Geo-Targeted Branding and Pharmaceutical Advertising

Find out how effective Geo-Targeted digital advertising can be. We hone-in on countries, cities, and yes ... even local events and conferences. Think it's sci-fi? No, we use Digital Herder Geo-Loc Technology to optimize ROI.

Optimized PPC Paid Search Marketing

We can consult or optimize Paid Search Advertising Campaigns directly. We optimize PPC ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We are already developing algorithms for 3 other social media channels.

Get funding for your technology, medicine, or research startup project

Cost-Effective Advertising Campaigns - Digital Pharmaceutical Marketing Agency

When you're talking about big budgets or startup budgets, optimization matters. With big budgets, even small decisions can result in millions of dollars in losses. Startups can't afford to take any chances and they need to know how to compete in the marketplace. Whatever your situation, e-Medical Marketing is here to help you optimize your ROI from digital pharmaceutical marketing.