About e – Medical Marketing Company

Medical Advertising Agency serving businesses in United States of America since 2002

e – Medical Marketing Company is the offspring of Digital Herder Advertising Agency, focused on advertising ROI optimization, strategic marketing research and advisory services exclusively for Health IT, Healthcare, and Life Sciences. As a medical marketing company we have advised more than 3,500 clients since 2002 on how to establish reputable brands and exponentially grow business by out-competing the competition. With 8 full-time American employees, this medical marketing agency developed entire branding and advertising campaigns for more than 500 medical groups, 17 hospitals, 31 medical device companies, 7 biotech and pharmaceutical startups, and 52 digital healthcare and health IT companies. With our Research and Advisory Services for IT, Healthcare, and Life Sciences we’re one of the top 3 medical market research companies in the U.S.

How is our Medical Marketing Company Different?

We are an ROI-focused medical marketing company. Your ROI is directly related to ours. Every dollar you spend is treated as our dollar. Your brand and reputation is directly correlated to ours. Your results is what keeps you as a full-time client. We may have disagreements, but we’re here to advise you on the best strategy based on real-time analytics about how your customers find you … and not how you “think” they find you. We’re partners.

People is what makes our Medical Marketing Company Successful

Without doubt, between all the employees our medical marketing company has grown with since 2002, we have experts in every aspect of digital advertising. Our top experts focus on doctor reputation management, competitive research software, website development, SEO, paid search, branding, and strategic partnerships. Our CEO, Simon Sikorski MD, was one of healthcare industry’s first medical doctor on social media. Together, as a team, we have a complete business marketing management system.

Software is what makes our Medical Marketing Company’s advertising extremely cost-effective

2010 was the last year our medical marketing company manually analyzed the digital market for any client. In 2011 we built one of the first API’s to integrate with Google Analytics. In 2012, we were one of the first medical marketing companies to integrate HIPAA security protocols into our websites. In 2013 and 2014, our Paid Search Integration Analytics helped us achieve CTR rates of more than 30%. When some businesses were paying $45 per click, our clients were below 5 bucks. In 2015, we created a powerful real-time competitive market research software. 2 years later and nearly $250,000 in investments … in 2017 we perfected it. Now it’s all available to our clients.

Medical Marketing Agency HQ is in New York, NY

Our Medical Marketing Company is located in Manhattan, NYC

eMM HQ – 57 W 57 St. New York, NY 10019